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Stefanie Leiendecker

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Who is your hero?

The openness and impartiality with which little children see the world around them, and their irrepressible motivation to learn and to discover the world.


About Stefanie Leiendecker

For Stefanie, helping people broaden their horizon, tap into their talents, and strengthen their willingness to get involved is essential to helping them fulfill their responsibility to themselves, society, and the environment.

She therefore worked in the educational sector before joining the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt in 2016. A former teacher trainee at several Bavarian gymnasiums, she contributed these experiences to the “Lehr:werkstatt,” a project initiated and run by the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation of BMW AG. The project makes it possible for teacher trainees to gain early and realistic practical experiences over the course of a year, working side by side with a teacher mentor. The focus of her work was on designing workshops, working closely with project partners, analyzing the project’s impact, and refining the matching process bringing together teachers and students.

Today, Stefanie brings her skills in finding structure in chaos, designing customized events, and opening new perspectives through human interactions to the leadership formats of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt. Her aim is always to encourage people to assume responsibility – along the lines of responsible leadership – and to support them in this endeavor.

Born and raised in the Allgäu, Stefanie has found a new home in Munich with her family. She enjoys being close to the mountains, and relaxes by hiking and doing photography. Some day, she wants to cross the Alps, from Munich to Venice.