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Dr. Thomas Leeb

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About Dr. Thomas Leeb

Dr. Thomas Leeb considers himself lucky: In his work for the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, he is able to pursue his big passion – the European project. It is the golden thread running through his career: After serving as an editor of European travel books in the early 1990s, he set out to make a contribution to Europe’s unification soon after the wall came down. From 1993 until 1997, Thomas Leeb ran the liaison office of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Riga, thus contributing to the security as well as political and economic stabilization of the three newly independent Baltic republics.

Back in Germany, he continued to work for a united Europe: this time in an executive position with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt. During his almost twenty years with the Foundation, he headed, in succession, the Asian Relations, Special Projects, European Affairs, and International Relations departments. He was also able to prove his expertise and leadership skills in two prominent functions: as chief coordinator of the Munich Security Conference under the chairmanship of Horst Teltschik, and as deputy manager and head of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt’s Munich office.

Thomas Leeb early on immersed himself in the culture and history of other countries. During his studies of history and English literature, which he completed with a master’s degree and a state exam/teaching certification for Gymnasium in 1988, he spent a year each in North America and France – experiences he still benefits from today.

Before entering the work world, Thomas Leeb earned his PhD in Modern History at the University of Munich in 1993. In his work for the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt he is able to live out both sides of his personality: his interest in historical and political research, and his desire to shape European topics and projects. Based in Munich, he is also able to pursue another passion: Thomas Leeb loves the mountains and practices almost all kinds of mountain and winter sports.