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Valerie Marouche

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About Valerie Marouche

Valerie Marouche joined the Strategy department of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt in 2018. Previously, she worked at a political consultancy, where she assisted international clients in the fields of technology and healthcare. Despite turbulent times on Berlin’s political stage, she kept track of the political goings-on and their impact on industry and society at both the federal and state levels.

At the European level, Valerie gained insight into the diplomatic work of the German Embassy in Rome, for which she drafted a PR strategy and co-organized a German-Italian film festival. Prior to that, her activities included developing an internationally oriented CSR strategy for a Berlin-based start-up and volunteering in the United States, assisting various non-profits working with socially vulnerable children and single mothers.

During her studies of political science, journalism, communications, and Italian philology in London and Berlin, she focused on two main areas: statistics and research methodology at the Freie Universität; and analyzing distrust in public institutions and its consequences – for example, in connection with the rise of right-wing populism in Western democracies. On the side, she taught statistics courses at the university and spent her evenings sending off interviews, concert and album reviews to cultural and music magazines.

She will, of course, never accept any bribes – except, perhaps, good music, black coffee, and smiling eyes.