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Stefanie Leiendecker

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About Stefanie Leiendecker

Before joining the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt in 2016, Stefanie Leiendecker worked for the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation of BMW AG. A former teacher trainee in math and psychology at several Bavarian Gymnasien, she has contributed her experiences in the education sector to the “Lehr:werkstatt,” a project that makes it possible for teachers and students to teach in tandem for one year. Her main responsibilities include working with partner universities, analyzing the project’s impact, and refining the online-based matching process.

In parallel with her work for the Foundation, Stefanie Leiendecker is writing her dissertation on mental health at the workplace. In particular, she looks at the specific demands and resources in teacher training, personal determining factors, and possibilities of prevention.

Stefanie Leiendecker, who lives with her husband in Munich, was born and raised in the Allgäu, loves the dialect of her home region and the Alps. Her preferred form of relaxation is hiking in the mountains, whether conquering summits, climbing via ferratas or covering long distances over the space of several days. One day, she wants to cross the Alps from Munich to Venice.