Equity, Diversity, & Belonging

Equity, Diversity, and Belonging (EDB) are guiding principles that help keep everything we do focused on the heart of our work — people. We can only move toward greater equity and foster a sense of belonging if we are committed to listening, uncovering, and ultimately changing ourselves, our organization, and our prevailing systems. This is what EDB means to us:


We stress the importance of equity beyond equality: Universally, all people are equal, but through our prevailing systems, not all people are treated equally by society and its institutions. Equity ensures all individuals have the same starting point to access opportunities by distributing resources and guaranteeing that institutions operate to overcome systemic barriers.


Diversity is the representation of our various identities as societies and individuals. We believe that diversity is critical to building resilient societies and an important source of creative tension.


Belonging recognizes that all people hold different identities and experiences. It acknowledges that these differences constitute a shared humanity. In a space where everybody belongs, individuals have agency and tools to co-create and participate in that space.


EDB and Responsible Leadership

What We're Working On

Our Commitment

Team members discussing in a group.

EDB Team

In early 2021, the BMW Foundation established a team dedicated to elevating the topic of EDB. Made up of members from all areas of the Foundation, the team’s role is to advise and support key internal processes to celebrate and uplift diversity, strengthen equity, and foster a culture of belonging for all team members. In June 2021, the team began working on a strategy to implement EDB across the entire Foundation.

Internal Learning JourneyAt the BMW Foundation, all team members are a part of the Internal Learning Journey: a series of conversations and workshops to investigate the status quo of EDB at the Foundation, identify learning opportunities and provide spaces for team members to grow their understanding of EDB. In 2022 we held workshops on privilege and power, inclusive language, and gender equity. We also continue to offer bi-weekly open spaces to discuss how matters related to EDB are present in the Foundation’s work, ensuring that team members have space to exchange with and challenge one another, and to learn together and from one another.

EDB at Our Gatherings

As an organization that convenes diverse groups, we see it as our responsibility to create spaces in which everyone feels invited, seen, and heard. Over the last decade, we have been refining how we host events – from the people and program to the physical places in which we convene. To ensure that our events are constructive spaces of learning, we have developed a set of commitments for how we come together. This is in addition to a set of guiding principles for the Responsible Leaders Network.

Equity, Diversity, and Belonging

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