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For the global day to #Act4SDGs we asked leaders in our network to share how they contribute to this movement. Marta Rojas is a Media and Communications coordinator @SDGaction What's your gift for the SDGs?


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Upcoming Events

  • Berlin
    Impact Session

    How Can Augmania Boost Employment in the MENA Region?

    Unemployment rates in the MENA region are among the highest in the world. While qualified individuals seek job and further training opportunities abroad, growing digital economies offer new flexible working modalities. They can provide employment in emerging sectors and thereby retain talent in the region.

    Founded in 2015 in Silicon Valley, Augmania is a web-based, interactive campaign builder providing Augmented Reality (AR) solutions to marketeers around the globe. The founder and CEO of Augmania, Rania Reda, envisions to boost new skills and create new employment opportunities in the MENA region by pushing for local development of AR content. The tool is planned to be available free of charge to partners with social impact.

    This BMW Foundation Impact Session convenes selected members of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network, who make themselves available bro bono to tackle and provide solutions for a number of challenges Rania is facing to make her vision reality.

  • Munich
    Munich European Forum

    Building a Strong Europe for Citizens

    Public confidence in the European project has dramatically fallen. A widespread gap between citizens’ expectations and the perceived or real shortcomings of the EU’s political performance has given rise to populist movements across the EU. These movements seek to block the path to further European unification, challenging its core values of freedom, democracy, rule of law, tolerance, and solidarity. With the elections to the European Parliament in May 2019 just around the corner, the European Union is facing a make or break situation.

    Therefore, the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt is taking a clear stance for the principles and goals of a united and strengthened Europe. As a foundation with German roots and a global orientation, we strongly believe in and advocate the values of the European community. The Munich European Forum assembles some 200 European leaders from politics, business, and civil society to send a clear pro-European message: We need to strengthen the EU and bring it closer to its citizens.

    The Forum is not a solitary event. It concludes and puts into a larger perspective the results and ideas of the first cycle of a dialogue process conducted over the last 18 months: Under the title “Refocusing Europe,” three European Tables dealt with key issues related to Europe’s economy, security, and identity. They will serve as starting-points for the discussions at the Munich European Forum.

  • Paretz
    BMW Foundation & Toniic Retreat

    Serving the Planet through Financial System Change

    As the global population is growing faster and faster, resources are becoming increasingly scarce and the gap between the rich and poor is widening. These developments pose enormous challenges for the global economy. How can we achieve a just and sustainable society? And what role does the financial system play?

    Both the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and Toniic consider responsible leadership and positive social change to be of central importance. And both organizations see the need to make the existing financial system fit for the global challenges of the future. The key question is: What helps people and our planet most?

    How could such a transformation succeed? This is what the BMW Foundation & Toniic Retreat in Paretz is about. With a view to the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), up to 40 international leaders from the finance sector will discuss ideas and alliances and swap experiences and expertise.