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A Mayor’s Fight for the Survival of His Town

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“Once you start measuring, things start to change.” @lmaldonado, former executive director of @SistemaB Chile, tries to reduce our impact on the environment through collective action. So what is yours?


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Upcoming Events

  • Chicago
    Transatlantic Core Group

    Connected Cities

    In the USA and Germany, cities and communities face similar challenges, for example in connection with integration and migration. Global problems are often solved at the local level, and cities often act as experimental laboratories for social innovation and new approaches.

    For this reason, the Transatlantic Core Group has established the bilateral working group “Connected Cities“. Leaders from both countries want to exchange best practices and ideas in a transatlantic dialogue. The starting point is the cities of Hamburg and Chicago, which are linked by a town twinning. The Connected Cities team will first create a digital overview of civic projects in both cities and then use a tandem project to bring together people with similar interests and professional experience.

  • Menaggio
    BMW Foundation European Table

    Europe for Citizens – Rebuilding European Identity

    In the light of Brexit, democratic backsliding in formerly stable democracies, and the rise of nationalism and populism in Europe, the European Table in Italy focusses on citizens’ trust and identification with the EU. It aims to develop ideas of how European citizens can re-engage with the European idea and the European project.

    To this end, we bring together distinguished leaders from politics, business, culture, and civil society. We aim to share new insights and develop perspectives for a stronger connection between the European Union and its citizens.

    The European Tables, a series of dialogue events, is part of a program cycle entitled “Refocusing Europe,” which the Foundation launched last year. The series aims to present and discuss new concepts and initiatives addressing the enormous challenges that Europe faces both from within and from the outside.

  • Cape Town
    BMW Foundation Global Table

    Leading towards Equal Opportunities

    The BMW Foundation Global Table in South Africa deals with the question of how to create equal and fair opportunities for all. A question that has not lost its urgency in the anniversary year of Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday.

    In keeping with the global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Africa aspires to fulfill major development objectives in the coming years to reduce poverty, transform its economies, improve governance, and create the conditions for inclusive and sustainable prosperity. Africa has unparalleled growth prospects. It is resource rich, has a young population, and is predicted to outperform all other emerging economies, with its GDP expected to rise by an average of 6 per cent per year.

    For any progress towards a more equal growth path, good governance is key. After colonialism, most countries focused on self-determination and indigenous leadership. But far too often, the new generation of leaders has not served the well-being of the majority of citizens. Truly accountable leadership breaking the vicious cycle of nepotism and corruption can positively transform Africa into an economically, politically, and socially competitive region while serving its citizens’ key interests.

    In this spirit, the Global Table takes a global perspective to explore opportunities for change in Africa and beyond. It will facilitate an open dialogue to identify new frameworks for collaboration between local, regional, national, and international actors. Our partners for the 11th Global Table are the Nelson Mandela Foundation and LifeCo UnLtd South Africa.