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Weekend must-read: Check out this guest commentary (German) by Responsible Leader @alemannoEU about the upcoming #EUelections2019 and the important role of initiatives like @Alliance4EU, which is supported by the BMW Foundation.


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Upcoming Events

  • Moscow
    Impact Session

    Bridging Generations in Russia

    Generationsbrücke Deutschland has created a multi-dimensional approach to fostering intergenerational understanding and dialogue. Following a systematized methodology, the social enterprise builds regular, long-term relationships between kindergarten and school-age kids on the one hand and residents of nursing homes on the other. These meetings bring joy and love into the lives of the elderly, while the children, too, experience how much fun it can be to spend quality time with older people.

    In cooperation with Generationsbrücke Deutschland and the International Alumni Center, the BMW Foundation organizes an Impact Session that will focus on the introduction of the intergenerational initiative in Russia. Selected members of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network will discuss the concept of Generationsbrücke and its challenges for Russia, and present a new day-care concept.

  • Munich

    Münchner Stiftungsfrühling

    “The Transformation of Finance: What Roles Could and Should Foundations Play?” – this is the topic of a panel discussion, which will be hosted by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt during the next Münchner Stiftungsfrühling. Taking place on March 23–29, 2019, the Münchner Stiftungsfrühling provides foundations with a platform to present the diversity of their engagement. The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt supports the event series and, in addition to the panel discussion, also co-organizes a workshop with the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie on the question: How can innovation and entrepreneurship help improve society? Social initiatives and startups from Munich and nearby areas introduce themselves. After that, participants have the opportunity to share their experiences.

  • Berlin
    Berliner Stiftungswoche

    5,000 Facebook Friends and Still Lonely?

    In the virtual world, we are connected ever more closely, sharing interests with people from different countries. In real life, however, we become increasingly distant from those who perhaps live just around the corner. What can we do to prevent loneliness, isolation, and social division? Through its Sustainable Development Goal #11, “Sustainable Cities and Communities,” the United Nations calls for a more inclusive society. In Germany, the digital platform nebenan.de and its foundation are among the organizations working to promote neighborliness and community building.

    As part of the Berliner Stiftungswoche, the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and Sebastian Gallander want to discuss ways of living together in the future. Sebastian Gallander is head of the nebenan.de Foundation and a member of the global BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network.