The Responsible Leaders Network is a community of joy. People are dancing.

The core of our work

Responsible Leaders Network


A Community of Purpose

What is the Responsible Leaders Network?

Connecting Responsible Leaders

Our Role as an Organization

Group of Responsible Leaders and team taking a selfie.

Network Organizers are supported by Network Drivers, community-builders who share the voices of leaders in the region. Network Drivers are committed members of the Responsible Leaders Network, working on a pro or low bono basis. They support our work, reach, collaborations, and strategic approaches.We see our role in the Network as a connector. We connect dots, people, and organizations to support projects initiated by Responsible Leaders. We help them solve challenges by connecting them with partner organizations or Responsible Leaders in other regions, and incorporate ideas that come out of the Network into our programming and practices.

Deep-Rooted Relationships

Characteristics of the Network

The Responsible Leaders Network is:
  • Relationship-driven: Relationships within the Responsible Leaders Network are built on trust, respect, and shared purpose.They’re how we get the work done across cultures and borders.
  • Diverse: Hailing from over 117 countries, members of the Network are highly diverse in culture, profession, and experience. People in the Network rarely enter as peers in their experience, but become peers in Responsible Leadership.
  • Prioritizes belonging: Our network activities bring members together for deeply impactful shared experiences, fostering a lasting sense of belonging.
  • Encourages vulnerability: The spaces in our programs encourage people to sit with their vulnerability individually and collectively in the spirit of building lasting trust.
  • Joyful: The work of changing the world for the better is challenging, but the attitude of the Network is joyful. Countless friendships have been formed within the Network, and when we gather, positivity and excitement fill the space.

Scaling Impact

How We Grow the Network

Here’s how Leaders join:
  • Recommendation: Network Drivers and Responsible Leaders identify and recommend people in their region’s communities.
  • Outreach: Our program staff and Network Organizers reach out to people with expertise relevant to a current Foundation project or field.
  • Application: Leaders can apply to our fellowship and accelerator programs for consideration.

Understanding global trends

Our Regional Networks