Our BMW Foundation European Table dialogue process concludes every two years with the Munich European Forum. Offering participants a major public platform in the Bavarian capital, the conference presents and reflects on ideas and initiatives that have emerged from the individual European Tables – and inspires the audience to get actively involved.

The Munich European Forum makes it possible, through its breakout sessions, to test the most promising projects and recommendations for action for relevance and realization. The initiators thus get direct feedback from international leaders in government, business, and society.

Through the Munich European Forum and the individual European Tables, we want to put forward bold ideas for strengthening the EU and for initiating necessary reforms. We want to address and adjust the negative perception of the EU by bringing the European Union closer to our citizens’ real needs and expectations. To this end, we rely on a vigorous dialogue of leaders from all over the world. We want to encourage a fact-based debate and use innovative ideas and initiatives to draw attention to the many opportunities and possibilities that the European Union offers in the 21st century.