Germany and the United States share an unbreakable bond of friendship – this post-war certainty is increasingly put to a tough test. It is precisely for this reason that the Transatlantic Core Group deeply cares about rebuilding the relationship on a new foundation: Beyond traditional foreign and security policy discussions, leaders from the United States and Germany explore new areas of joint interest and possible collaboration.

They focus on innovative solutions to social and political challenges on both sides of the Atlantic. What does job training look like in the United States? Can the German dual education system also be applied in the States? What do Mexican immigrants in Chicago have in common with Syrian refugees in Hamburg?

The members of the Group, who work together for two years, co-create their agenda. The goal is to gain a better understanding of common challenges, identify sustainable solutions, and revitalize the transatlantic partnership. One of the projects that emerged during this process is Connected Cities. It aim to complement the institutional dimension of an existing city partnership between Chicago and Hamburg by establishing and expanding civil society networks.

The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt started the initiative in 2015 together with the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and the Atlantic Council. Every two years, the membership of the Transatlantic Core Group changes: The old team becomes part of the wider BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network and continues to pursue the projects they have initiated. The new team develops new ideas for concrete cooperation.

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Past events
  • Paretz
    Transatlantic Core Group

    Thinking about German-American Relations in an Innovative Way

    The Transatlantic Core Group (TCG) is a network supported and shaped by American and German leaders. During a workshop in Paretz, Brandenburg, it will reflect on German-American relations in an innovative way and rethink public-sector collaborations.

    The workshop aims to develop, together with leaders from government, business, the cultural and the civil-society sectors, a comprehensive vision of transatlantic cooperation to be able to meet social and political challenges.

    The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt founded the initiative in 2015 together with the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and the Atlantic Council.

  • Hamburg
    Transatlantic Core Group

    Connected Cities

    Cities and communities in the United States and Germany are confronted with similar challenges. They play a pivotal role when it comes to finding solutions to global problems, such as, for example, climate change, digitization or migration. Additionally, cities serve as laboratories for social innovation and testing new approaches. This is why the Transatlantic Core Group (TCG) has created the concept of “Connected Cities” – to establish a transatlantic dialogue and to foster an exchange of best practices and ideas between professionals and municipal-level officials on both sides of the Atlantic. The first starting point of the concept is building a dialogue between the cities of Hamburg and Chicago on migration and social inclusion.