• Casablanca
    Responsible Leaders Forum

    Unlocking Knowledge Economies – Enabling Inclusive Societies

    At the Responsible Leaders Forum MENA, we want to explore opportunities for promoting knowledge economies in the Middle East and North Africa region. For the region’s big informal sector impedes the transformation towards a forward-looking knowledge-based economy.

    We want to find out how improving the transfer of knowledge and expertise across professional and national borders can help promote a more resilient and socially inclusive society. Thematically, the Forum thus builds on the eighth Sustainable Development Goal: Decent work and economic growth.

    The Forum brings together leaders from all sectors and all parts of the world. They will discuss concrete measures that can help close the skills gap and enhance employment opportunities. These include educational offerings, improvements in research, and innovative ICT technologies. During local site visits to innovative organizations, the participants will get to know existing solutions and approaches.