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Anika Blank

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About Anika Blank

Since 2011, Anika Blank has been responsible for organizing numerous events of the Foundation. To this end, she travels the world, always looking for those unique places that facilitate a special culture of encounter. Whether at home or abroad, she is much appreciated for her calm focus during even the most turbulent times. Her biggest project to date was the World Responsible Leaders Forum in Munich with over 500 participants.

Until recently, Anika also served as our go-to person for financial questions and was in charge of budget planning and our annual financial statement.

Anika hails originally from the sunny Baden region, where she trained as a bank clerk and subsequently worked as a customer service representative. She quickly found out, however, that she wanted to pursue a different path.

She began to study Philosophy & Economics with a focus on business and corporate ethics in Bayreuth and spent a semester abroad at California State University in Fresno. Back home, she finished her studies with a bachelor’s thesis on “mission-related investment.”

Anika and her husband live in an idyllic suburb in the north of Berlin. In her spare time, she tries to regularly do sports, likes to bake decorated cakes, and is saddened by the fact that the KSC soccer team was relegated to the 3rd division. Every summer, she spends two weeks as a supervisor at a Christian camp for children and youth, feeding 70 hungry mouths.