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Who’s Your Hero?

The brilliantly hilarious Mindy Thomas of the children’s science podcast show “Wow in the World.” I will have survived motherhood and long car rides because of her.


About Marjorie Brans

Marjorie Brans was born into the average Vietnamese-Chinese-German-Scottish-Irish family in small-town Texas. Today, she is the co-managing director of the School for Social Entrepreneurs. For the past 20 years, she has obsessively wondered: “Can free market efficiency be reconciled with deep care for the planet and all of its creatures?”

Seeking an elusive answer, she has hunted for clues by living and working in Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and the Subarctic. Around the world, she has advised multinational corporations, venture capital funds, and tiny social businesses on questions of sustainability, and advanced the causes of large non-profits including Harvard Law School and Oxfam America.

To recruit and train fellow explorers on the quest for sustainability, she (co-)founded the School for Social Entrepreneurs Ontario, the League of Intrapreneurs Canada, CLARION (Community-Led Action to Resilience in our Neighbourhoods), and PhotoVoice (US). Somewhere along the journey, she was named Environmental Defence Green Champion of 2017 and Winner of the Spirit of Michael Young Award.

Because she can’t make up her mind on whether to be a techno-optimist or pessimist, she’s hedged her bets and hobbies on green technology and caveman survival skills. Her husband and two children tolerate these obsessions in exchange for endless supplies of baked goods.

Oh, yeah, and despite their tired feet, Marjorie and her co-travelers suspect the answer is “yes”.